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TO COACH OR NOT TO COACH? That is the question.....

    Coach handbags are extremely popular & it can frequently be difficult to spot a fake coach handbag from an authentic coach handbag.  Coach replica handbags are very common so it is always smart to try to ensure you are purchasing an authentic coach handbag.  Here are a few tips to make sure you are buying authentic coach handbags instead of fake coach handbags.
  • Authentic coach handbags should not have crooked stitching. Often, cheap replica coach handbags will have low quality stitching which is a give away it is a fake handbag.
  • Real coach handbags say CC & sometimes knockoff  handbags will say GG.
  • Fake coach handbags will sometime have a pattern not shown on Coach's website.
  • Coach handbag knockoffs will frequently be sold in the internet with blurry pictures.  To make sure that a coach handbag is an authentic coach handbag request a clear picture.
  • Coach authentic handbags generally have zippers that say YKK on them will replica handbags don't have.
  • Authentic coach handbags are not made in Korea. Those that are made in Korea are most probably fake ones.
    I hope these tips would help you on your buying escapades in Ebay world.

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