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Baguio is known for it Ukay-Ukay or Wag-wag (as we call it here in Baguio). So if you're coming to Baguio, where should you start to ukay right? Go ahead trail blazein the following Ukay destinations:

    * The first and most famous Ukay can be found near Burnham Park. It is housed in one of Baguio's old buildings called "BAYANIHAN". There are several stalls here specializing in bags, shoes, adult clothings, and children's clothing among others. Prices here are much lower as compared to our next Ukay Destination.

    * Our next big Ukay must-see is the "SKY WORLD" at Session Road. The old building that used to stand on this spot was a tall building not until the July 16, 1990 killer quake. At present, SKY WORLD was replaced with a 2-storey building that house stalls of ukay. You will find stalls with "Super Selection" clothing. Meaning, you'll find branded clothes in very good condition that sells a bit higher than the regular ukay at Bayanihan. A Burberry t-shirt can cost between P450-P800, depending on its style and condition. Branded shoes can cost up to more than a thousand and that goes for bags too.

    * Adjacent (back side) to Sky World is the PARK LANE, at the top floor you will find stalls with super selection for bags and clothing.

    * Going down Session Road, adjacent to the People's Park, you find U-NEED ukay and other ukay stalls beside it. At the third floor of U-NEED, you will find lots of shoes and some bags, whle at the second floor, you'll see a variety of clothing.

    * Another famous UKAY DESTINATION is "HILLTOP". This is the ultimate bargain place for ukay. Hilltop is where Baguio's market is located. It is the hill behind Maharlika.Try to find your way to Hilltop and you will find lots of ukay stalls. As early as 6am, ukay peddlers and shops are open for bargain. In the afternoon, bargaining starts at 4pm. You can buy t-shirts at P5, P10, P15--- but you have to check for stains or damage for some items.

    * If you're still not satisfied with your ukay finds, wait until dark (about 7pm) and go to HARRISON ROAD just near the LANDBANK. You will find more bargains here but you will have to open those eyes to scrutinize stuff you're buying because sometimes you will not see the stains on the bags or clothes you will be buying. There's street lights but they are not enough to checkout what you are buying. FROM HARRISON ROAD, walk towards ABANAO, just at the side of MAHARLIKA and you will see more and more bargains.

There you have it... your guide to treasure hunting in ukay stores in Baguio.

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